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Liberalix 02.2020(en) - CIPA Grengewald

Extension and conversion CIPA Gréngewald.
A bland aftertaste

In the meeting of 08.05.2020 the municipal council voted on the extension and refurbishment of the CIPA Gréngewald. This contains the addition amongst others of 4 additional rooms for residents suffering from dementia, a therapy kitchen, a fitness room, lounges and changing rooms for the staff which will be built here. The restaurant will also be enlarged and adapted to the current standards.

In principle a reasonable project, with a budget of about 10.000.000 EUR. However, we abstained from the project, as one point contained a rather bland aftertaste in our mind and we could not give our approval.

The majority of the investment is subsidized by the Ministry of Family Affairs with up to 70%. The municipalities, which are also represented in CIPA, are also to contribute to the costs.

In a letter, the Ministry of Family Affairs requested that the company INCA from Niederanven should not be entrusted with the tasks of coordination and management of the project. This company is already dealing with some points in this project through the architects' office. However, according to the Ministry, this must be an independent company. As a result, the Ministry was proposed to the NEWTEAM company from Niederanven. This company was then accepted by the Ministry of Family Affairs, without further examination, and the subsidy was approved in writing.

In this matter, the DP has investigated who the NEWTEAM company is. The shareholder of NEWTEAM is also a shareholder of INCA. Address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and website are identical. It is a company (with 3 employees) with the same ownership interests. This certainly cannot be in the sense of the Ministry of Family Affairs, which demanded an independent company and we fear that the subsidy (fee for NEWTEAM) of 110.000 EUR, could not be paid out.

The whole matter may be legally in order and this is "common practice in Luxembourg", as a local council of the majority stated. However, we find this situation more than unfortunate.