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Liberalix 02.2020(en) - Covid-19


Crisis management in the community

Everyone's been talking about Covid-19 for months. Although the government's crisis management and the measures taken were initially praised and approved, in the meantime, however, dissatisfaction among the population seems to be growing. We believe that the right strategy  has been taken and that the number of deaths has been halted effectively compared to other countries. Extrapolated to 100,000 inhabitants, there have so far been 680 infected and 18 dead in Luxembourg (as of 25.06.2020).

In the EU, we rank first in terms of the number of infections. As far as the number of deaths is concerned, the Grand Duchy is rather in the middle of the field in the EU.

The measures taken by our government have borne fruit and the Niederanven Council of Aldermen is also dealing responsibly with the current situation. The DP continues to support them in all necessary measures.

Furthermore, caution and personal responsibility are the top priority in dealing with the virus, because the crisis is not yet over.

Due to the many cancellations of various festivals, almost all associations had to accept financial losses. The DP, which had pointed this out in a letter, proposed to the local council to raise the club subsidiaries for 2020. In the last municipal council of 10.06.2020, this proposal of the DP was unanimously approved, and the clubs will receive 25% extra on their normal subsidies.

We also welcome and support the shopping voucher of 20,00 EUR per inhabitant. This will benefit both the local trade and the citizens of our community.