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Liberalix 02.2020(en) - News

Short news

Police station

In autumn, work is finally due to begin on the new police station on the route de Trèves. Since the broke ground ceremony in October 2018, 2 years have passed. Whether this ceremony will take place again is not known to us.

Expensive building land

In Niederanven, a building site of 8.90 Ar was recently sold for EUR 2,750,000. This is more than 300,000 EUR/Ar

Public transport

The changes in public transport were somewhat slowed down by the Corona crisis. In a letter to the responsible minister, the municipal council had communicated their displeasure about various changes. This seems to have been successful, as some adjustments are to be made after all. Details will follow.

The death of André Nagel

On 16 May, municipal official André Nagel unexpectedly died at the age of only 60. Mr. Nagel had worked for the municipal administration in the technical service for almost 40 years. Among other things he was responsible for bus transport. Mr. Nagel did not take his well-deserved retirement until 01.05.2020. We as DP thank him for the always correct support in municipal matters.

Inconsistencies at CIGR

In our January issue we informed you about possible inconsistencies at CIGR. We wanted to give you further details in this matter as announced. Since the courts have not yet reached a verdict, we cannot yet give any further details here.

Negative remarks from the Ministry of the Interior

In the municipal council meeting of 10.06.2020, the college of lay assessor had to accept further negative remarks from the Ministry of the Interior, as was already the case last year. In every year since 2015, the Ministry has denounced the fact that the laws regarding public tenders are not respected. Now, in 2020, this point is to be remedied. It was also criticized that the law "separation of church and state" would not be respected. The clear separation of parochial churches and diocese has not yet been implemented.

Meadow at almost no cost

During the council meeting of 10.06.2020 a lease of a meadow of 1.36 ha to a riding stable was put to the vote. We as a democratic party could not agree to this contract, as it was leased for 1 EUR/Ar/year. The usual price for an ar is between 10 and 20 EUR/Ar, depending on the location. This is clearly a complaisance of the tenant and not in the public interest. Even if it is only a modest amount, it should be taken seriously.