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Liberalix 02.2020(en) - Parking residentiel

Parking Résidentiel Senningerberg

Observations after 4 months

For 4 months now, Senningerberg has been applying its parking management system and a first result can be drawn.

  • The Rue du Grunewald has been virtually emptied and invites motorists to drive faster because the street appears visually wider. This is now being objected to by some of the neighbouring residents.
  • The big parking lot at the water tower is only filled between 12 and 14 o'clock, but empty for the rest of the day. Did the community enlarge the parking lot about 5 years ago for expensive money, so that it is only occupied 2 hours a day?
  • We had pointed out in our January issue that the two parking lots at the corner of "Rue de Neuhäusgen" and "Rue du Bois" with the Rte de Trèves would be occupied after a few days in the morning and this for the whole day. This proved to be the case and even before the new parking management system came into force, improvements had already been made. Here too, the limited parking time was introduced.
  • At the suggestion of the DP, the signposting was improved, as the whole thing was signposted as a whole zone, with start and end. In some places, however, signs were put up to remind people of this, in streets such as "Rue du Château d'Eau", "Op der Heed", "Rue du Bois". From Rue du Golf, missing signs caused confusion.
  • Other parking spaces in the commune are now occupied from morning to night, so parking management will certainly be introduced in other parts of the commune. The circle will widen and this will not always be to the advantage of the inhabitants.

Our conclusion is that improvements are needed to make the best possible use of the many parking and stationing facilities. Different sections for long-term parkers should be marked, or areas clearly designated as "Parking Résidentiel". In this way, solutions could be found that are satisfactory for all concerned.