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Liberalix 02.2020(en) - Parkraummanagement

Car Park Management
Expansion in Niederanven

Two years ago it was announced that part of Niederanven would also be included in the parking management system. We have of course thought about possible consequences.

Drivers (commuters) will again be driven away from existing car parks and will now look for new possibilities near bus stops (for example in Rameldingen, Hostert and Senningen).

Pre-Covid-19, the car park in the arcades (shopping centre in Niederanven) was heavily occupied, which then eased at the beginning of the crisis. However, you don't have to be a clairvoyant to assume that this private car park will be overcrowded by commuters Post-Covid. Customers of the shops will have difficulties to find parking spots near the shops.

In order to continue to secure these parking spaces for their customers, the community of shop owners will be forced to look for an alternative solution, i.e. barriers with paid parking.