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Liberalix 02.2020(en) - rue de l'Ecole Ernster

News from the "Rue de l'Ecole" in Ernster

An end in sight?

Already in 2019 the DP wrote a letter to the Council of Aldermen to draw attention to the abuses in the "Rue de l'Ecole" in Ernster. In some places this street is not wide enough to let 2 cars pass by at the same time. Moreover, the narrowing is in a slight bend. For this reason, as already mentioned, the DP advocated months ago the introduction of a one-way street in the "Rue de l'Ecole". To date, however, it has not received a written response from the Council of Aldermen. When asked, we were assured that the letter had been received and that the idea of a one-way street was approved.

The DP was verbally asked by a member of the Board of Aldermen to seek the discussion with all inhabitants whose current situation would be changed by a one-way street and to ask for their opinion. With their help, the direction of the one-way street should then be determined. However, an information meeting in the old school in Ernster, scheduled by the DP on 8 April, had to be cancelled due to the Covid 19 lockdown.

In the meantime, we were informed in the municipal council of 10.06. that an external expert office had been commissioned with the matter. We will keep you posted.