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Liberalix 02.2020(en) - Zebrastreifen

Safety for pedestrians

More light for pedestrian crossings

Much has been done in recent months to ensure the safety of pedestrians, which we welcome. A number of pedestrian crossings have been better illuminated and also made accessible to the disabled. However, as is already the case in many communities, we lack the blue and white reflective covers on the signs of the pedestrian crossings.

In the last municipal council meetings we have evaluated the rebuilding positively, but have pointed out that the most dangerous pedestrian crossing at the entrance on Senningerberg (coming from the Grünewald) has not been rebuilt and adapted.

This zebra crossing is very much in use, as there is a bus stop right next to it, which is frequented by employees of the nearby industrial zone, among others. This crossing in Rue du Grünewald is located on the busy national road, where vehicles often drive faster than the prescribed 50 km/h to the zebra crossing. In front of the town sign about 80 metres before the zebra crossing, i.e. out of town, 90 km/h are still allowed.

We have therefore demanded for this crossing to be better illuminated like the others. In the council meeting of 10.06. it was explained to us that extensive work (also on the road) would be carried out in the foreseeable future at this location and in the surrounding area and that this transition would only then be adapted.

We hope that no serious accident will happen until then. However, bad experience was already made looking at the accident which took place 2 years ago at this bus stop.